"Kendi çıkarını kollama, halkın çıkarını gözet,

Kendi çıkarını milletin çıkarı içinde gör"

Yusuf Has Hâcib

Radyo Dolunay Yazıları

"Kesin deruni bir şey"


-Soğuksu... Bir açıyor gözlerini. Ovuşturuyor falan.

-Üstüne mi serpiyor?... Rüyada mı?

-Tabelaya bakıyor.


-Sarsıntı kesilince, haliyle uyanıyor çocuk. Soğuksuya gelmiş. Tren boş... bir de o destan satan adam.

-Soğuk suyu deyince, ben de bir an sandım ki...

-İstasyonun adı... Beyaz üzerine siyah harflerle böyle gelin gibi yazılı: Soğuksu. Küçük Çekmece miydi, Büyük Çekmecemiydi? Hangisinden sonraydı? Bir de Kanarya vardı. Alo? Hemen mevzuya...

-Manavgat suyu olunca, "Barış Suyu Projesi" diyorlar. Fırat, Dicle'ye gelince, "Su savaşları"...

-"Su savaşları senaryoları" meselâ... Manavgat Suyunu İsrail istiyor, diğerlerini Irak ve Suriye ile paylaşıyoruz.


-Alo?... Uçtu galiba. Neydi?

Hattakilerden biri;

-"General Frank 'Benzersiz bir savaş olacak' diyor" diyecekti.

-Öyle diyecekti diyyorsun.

-Kovboy mantalitesi.

-Tam öyle denemez. Gerçek bir kovboy böyle korkaklar gibi döğüşmez. Düellocudur. Bugün tuhaf bir şey oldu, elektronik postaya yanlışlıkla başkasının mektubu geldi. Tam silecektim, cümleler dikkatimi çekti... İsimsiz.  Okuyorum.

-Başkasının mektubu okunur mu?

-Okunmaz... Fakat özel hayatlarla ilgili değil bu.

"Dearest Mike:

I agree with you on some points, but do you think it was fair to crash a plane into the World Trade Center without giving any warning ? Do you think we should forget it and say Well we deserved that ( why!!! ) if they had a problem with us then hey lets talk it over and  work it out. Saddam Hussein is just plain evil and deserves to die; I hope we get him and his thugs and sons . We don't hate the Iraqi population--- we want to liberate them. Do you think it's right that the women are not allowed to be educated and enjoy all the liberties that we have here? He is an EVIL and Selfish hypocrite. I'm not happy about the war... Lots of our good young men will get hurt or die because of it. I really don't care if they kill Bush...anyways he's a lousy president . Clinton was an man with no morals but he did good for our country-- if he ran for office I would vote for him... O.K. Now you know Where I stand at least. I love you even if we have different views about politics and international affairs. All my Love, Mom "

"Dear Mom,

Your facts are a bit scrambled there, I guess the TV is broadcasting alot of propaganda.

1. It was said that al Quaida attacked the WTC and the other targets 9-11.

2. Al Quaida's leader is Osama bin Laden, not Saddam Hussein

3. Osama bin Laden was last seen in Afghanistan, not Iraq

4. Iraq was not involved in any of the terror attacks, the attackers were
Egyptians and Saudi Arabians.

5. Iraq & Saddam Hussein are not cohorts, sympathizers or even supporters of al Quaida.

6. Iraq & Saddam Hussein immediately sent their sympathy & condolonces to the families of the victims of the terror attack on Sept 11

7. Iraq was known as the "Sweden of the Middle East" prior to the Gulf war just because of their free education (right thru university) for both men & women, free medical care and absence of poverty, freedom of religion and the implementation of social programs  for the public welware. Half of their doctors, professors and scientists are women.(higher percentage than Europe & America!) Educated at state expense, often abroad.

8. It is against international law to assassinate the head of a member state of the UN.

9. America is violating international law.

10. Israel has been in violation of international law (UN resolutions) for
over 30 years, and America will not ever vote for even objecting to this at the UN, they block it every time.

And further, I work with alot of Iraqis, and they know the situation
firsthand, and have confirmed the information.

You can't believe what they say on TV, the Bush administration wants to liberate the Iraqi oil from the control of Iraq. They have already illegally seized and appropriated the frozen Iraqi assets abroad. Dick Cheneys company (Halliburton Enterprises) has the contracts for pumping the Iraqi oil and rebuilding the Iraqi infrastructure once the US has it under their control.

And thats just some of the facts.

Love, Mike"